Contact Us

Our postal address is

B2B Events
P.O. Box 9018
Newark, Notts
NG24 9DH

If you need to phone us, the office is open Mon - Fri  9 am - 5 pm.
Please use the following numbers:-

Office, Julie - 01 636 676 531

Office, Shelley - 01 636 676 531

Office Mobile - 07 796 714 509

David (Edinburgh Fair only) 07 886 501 931

To send us an e-mail click on
the email link below our pictures.


Please bear in mind that if you email us on the day before the fair we are unlikely to be able to access it as we will be busy setting everything up for you.


If you only use webmail, such as Yahoo or Gmail, and do not have an email client such as Outlook, Windows Live Mail, or Apple Mail, the links above may not work. In this case, use one of our email addresses shown below. 

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